Mosjun is about to hit western europe

It started as an attempt to make the best commuter-planner ever and somehow users took the product in an unexpected direction. Now it's turned into a wonderfull adhoc community tool with an uncanny awareness of travel conditions bringing smiles in subways, trains, busses and cars all over the netherlands.

Current release v2

The current release is ANDROID and IOS only and is pretty ugly. The clients are currently consuming to much traffic which makes the current version unscalable. Though the traffic-engine in our server works great it needs to be made more robust, we can't handle failing datafeeds at all which leads too ugly outages... We have about 140 active users and we are not adding any.

Next release v3

The next version will arrive in march 2012. The visual design has been completely redone, we're even picking a logo! The serverside has been reenginered and client-traffic has been reduced by around 90%. Batterylife should be improved.There will be clients for WEB, ANDROID and IPAD. For this version we are targetting devices with 7 inch screens or bigger. We're not actively supporting smaller screens in this release. We are sizing this release to handle 500000 users.

Release v4

We're adding 3 countries and will be supporting a million users in Q2 2012.

mosjun is a product designed and built by Devoto Vitale BV ©2012.